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"The biggest challenge I face is getting the community to understand that we're here for them -- not out to get them.  We are public servants, responsible for their safety." - Bryan Morrison, Chief of Police

Bryan Morrison, Police Chief

(270) 251-6222

The Mayfield Police Department is composed of 24 sworn police officers, each of whom has been certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Training at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.  Officers spend eighteen weeks completing training in areas such as firearms, physical fitness, patrol tactics, defensive driving, ethics, and Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Within the department are special forces that, in addition to their regular patrol duties, are committed to Investigations, vicious animal compliance, and a specialized drug task force.

Three additional officers make up the canine forces of the Mayfield Police Department;  Patton, an 11-year old Belgian Malinois; Gabriel, a 7-year old Belgian Malinois, and Gunner, a two-year old Labrador Retriever.  These three canine units give the Mayfield Police Department the added weapons they need in the fight against drugs within the City of Mayfield.  With a drug dog on each shift, the immediate accessibility of the canines has led to a record increase in arrest rates in the area of drug crimes within the City of Mayfield.

The Mayfield Police Department has a total of eighteen cruisers, a Crime Scene Unit, and Bike Patrol.

The Mayfield Police Department provides the following special programs:

  1. School Safety – The officers of the Mayfield Police Department make routine visits to each of the city schools in order to have a presence there, and to acquaint themselves with the school children and staff.

  2. D.A.R.E. – Drug Awareness Resistance and Education – presented each year to students at Mayfield Elementary.  Program includes a graduation ceremony for kids who complete the entire series.

  3. Seatbelt Safety/No Texting Program – Officers assemble randomly at entrances and exits to high school, giving out awards to those wearing seatbelts, and “Dum-Dum Suckers” to those texting or not wearing seatbelts.

  4. Ghost Out – A serious reminder about the dangers of drinking and driving.  Each year near Halloween, an officer very seriously plays the role of the Grim Reaper and seeks his prey among the high school students.  The program ends with a life-changing assembly, and a wrecked vehicle is displayed at the school’s entrance.

  5. Red Ribbon Week – Officers participate in a variety of programs and efforts to make kids understand the dangers of drug use, and the benefits of saying “no” to drugs.

  6. Neighborhood Watch – Neighborhoods learn methods of crime detection to assist the police department in efforts to keep neighborhoods safe.

  7. Citizens Police Academy – Newly-administrated program to educate citizens on a comprehensive battery of law enforcement tactics. Stay tuned for more information.

  8. Theft Prevention Program – MPD Officers work with local business owners to provide information on convicted shoplifters

  9. Community Partnerships in the Fight Against Drugs.

                          Click to download the Drug Awareness and the CCC Brochure


For Dispatching, please contact the Kentucky State Police.

Front row:  Bob Crawford, Carl Miller, Virgil Gilliam, Chief Charles Johnson, Robin Crofoot

2nd Row:  Rich Blackman, Belinda Walker, John Davis

3rd Row:  Carl Hixon, Bill Pritchard, Billy Burch, Jensen Gream, Steve Hendley, John EArles, Wayne Potts

4th Row:  Cindy Gay, Mike Riley, Ellen Perkins, DAvid Warner, Curtis Kelley

5th Row:  Tony Bowland, Ed Cavitt, James DAvis


Public Safety Admin Assistant

Clarissa Yarber

   Yarber, Clarissa