City Of Mayfield

We inagine a world where all women and girls enjoy good mental health and flourish.

We provide free or low-cost counselling and psychotherapy to low-income women and girls in Leeds.

We assist impoverished or marginalised women and girls who are confronted with complex health and social issues. We assist people in recovering from abuse, assault, neglect, trauma, and mental illness. Women with Wings Coaching UK

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We periodically open and close our waiting list to ensure that women do not have to wait an excessive amount of time for support. We are now accepting service requests. Please read more about submitting a service request.

We provide four distinct forms of counselling and treatment.

Work with us

We are a growing organisation seeking women with abilities, energy, and sensitivity to join our team. This includes paid staff on a full- or part-time basis, as well as volunteers and sessional workers. In exchange for your commitment, we provide a friendly and supportive environment in which you can perform meaningful work and take advantage of exceptional chances for skill development. As a family-friendly workplace, we understand the strains placed on working mothers and make every effort to accommodate their needs.

What our clients say