About Us

We’ve been providing counselling, care, and other assistance to women and girls in the Leeds region since 1982. We’ve evolved into a trailblazing organisation that plays a critical role in the city’s and region’s mental health services.

Today, we provide a comprehensive and diverse range of community and educational activities, as well as free or low-cost psychotherapy to the most marginalised members of society. With an all-female staff and a focus on women and families, we provide safe, supportive surroundings in addition to the competence and compassion our clients require.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are lofty yet clear:

  • We aspire to maintain a reliable, relevant, and highly effective therapeutic service for Leeds’ most vulnerable women and girls.
  • We hope to increase public awareness and knowledge of women’s mental health challenges, as well as the capacity of employers and governments to address them.
  • We wish to eliminate stigma, increase education, and influence local and national policy on this topic.

Meet the team

Everyone in the organisation, from our therapists and support staff to the volunteers who serve on our board, has a genuine concern for the women we deal with.

Alison Herbert

Alison Simonds

Nancy Campbell